Carribean Pearl Caterers: Urcilina Grammont

Urcilina Grammont was born in Long Island City, NY on January 30, 1977. Soon after her birth, her family moved to Haiti and stayed there until she was 4 years old. She has always had a connection with Haiti as she often visited during the summers. Not only did she love the carefree life of the tropical country but she also adored her grandmother. During her sophomore year in college, she revisited Haiti to attend Quesqaya University. While there, she took some culinary courses which sparked her love of cuisine art. She returned back to the states 3 years later to continue with her education in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. 

Urcilina Grammont worked within the finance world for several years. 

Some of her previous roles include Bookkeeper, Asst Controller, Finance Director, Payroll Asst. Manager and Benefits manager. She worked for Ominicom Media Group, Zara USA, and Dogmatic USA to name a few. 

Following her passion for cooking and catering, Urcilina Grammont opened her company as owner/operator of Caribbean Pearl Catering and Food Truck in 2013. Caribbean Pearl, under her command, delves deep into the archives of recipes and family traditions and fuses them with modern favorites that suit millennial taste buds. Her business goal is to be the finest caterer in the metropolitan area. Urcilina began with a small kitchen space that would ultimately become one of the finest New York Caterers. Her passionate level of commitment to New York catering has yielded one-of- a-kind catered events. Caribbean Pearl Food Truck was the 1st Haitian food truck to be invited to participate during the Caribbean Day Parade in 2015. She has always worked diligently to set goals and to achieve them. 

Urcilina Grammont attended Miami Dade Community Collage, Quisqaya University, and received her business administration degree from Devry University. Most recently she has attended ICE (International Culinary Education).