Aukee Trading: Duane M. Johnson

Duane M. Johnson has been streamlining Supply Chain operations in America and Asia for over three decades. As Founder and CEO of Aukee Trading Company, Duane is a trusted partner in a robust and dynamic marketplace of ideas, technology, and new challenges. He has built a reputation for his unparalleled ability to offer complete logistical and 

brokerage needs around the globe. By responsibly leveraging cutting edge technology, and a service network built on years of trust and dependability, Duane is a principal source for firms seeking to connect their products and services with new markets and increase overall business expanse. 

Connecting people with products is not Duane’s only specialty as a Supply Chain leader. Notably, he is also recognized for his collaborative efforts with business peers who share like vision, passion, and drive to culminate strong standing business networks designed for a continuum of success. Trust, transparency, and diligence are three defining attributes that are at the core of Duane’s philosophy, and the same attributes that have taken Aukee Trading to its place as a leading institution in the Supply Chain industry. 

When Duane is not in the office, he enjoys volunteering in underprivileged communities, supporting efforts in improving education outreach programs, nutrition, and medical care for disenfranchised communities. 

Duane M. Johnson holds a degree in Human Resources from Colorado Technical University.